More impact and
better results
Get more out of
your leadership
and team
More impact and
better results
Get more out of
your leadership
and team
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Do you also want to grow the business, lead in an inspiring way and have a successful team that delivers results? 

Easier said than done in today's complex and changing organizations.


At every level of leadership you encounter new challenges.

Even if you are very experienced, every situation is different and requires something else of you.

But this doesn't have to hinder you.

On the contrary, every challenge offers opportunities to further develop yourself.

It can be valuable to have a sounding board or mirror, someone who speaks your language and who helps you to get to your next level.

A moment to stand still in order to accelerate.

I support leaders to be more successful in their leadership and with their team.


As a former marketing director and management team member, I experienced myself the challenges you may face as a leader.  And what is needed for more impact and better results.  

My LeadUP-approach opens new doors and accelerates your leadership transition so you will reach your goals.

Leadership Accelerator

Invest in a kick-start and increase the chance of success.

Your first 3 months are often crucial for your success and that of your team.

How do you get yourself and your team maximally focussed  so you can quickly achieve results?

Your First 100 days, make them count!

High Performing Teams
team development 


For more effective teams with more impact

Are you and your team facing a major challenges and are you being asked to go the extra mile?

Do you feel that more could come out of your team?

Does your team have plenty new ideas, but is the implementation power lacking? Or vice versa? 

1-on-1 coaching


Become a more effective leader and get more out of your business and team.

Would you like to become a more inspiring and impactful leader?

Want to mobilize and engage your team in a more authentic and relaxed way, while the pressure is on?

Coaching helps you to 'get out' what you already have.

Hetty van Ee

Voorzitter NCD -

Nederlandse vereniging van Commissarissen en Directeuren

"What a pleasure to work with Carola! Her structured approach, solid alignment, clear questions and effective coaching resulted in a profound and successful marketing strategy that everybody supports!" 

Berndt Kodden
President FrieslandCampina

"I had the pleasure to work with Carola at FrieslandCampina for several years. Carola is an highly experienced marketing professional with the profound capability to build and connect brands through people for people.

Her dedication and especially engagement for and with her team has proven to bring both business success as critically development of her team members to their next level."

Todd Tillemans
President US, Hersey company

"Working with me at Unilever, Carola pro-actively set up a new global organization for baby care.

She is a very seasoned marketing professional and embodies a great combination of strong strategic thinking and excellent people and team development skills.

Her strength is in building strong brands and business by building successful teams. It was great working with her and I would recommend her to anybody."

Wat anderen zeggen
Marketing Director, 
Consumer Goods

"I give the First100Days program a 9.

Carola clearly has a lot of experience as a manager herself, which makes her easily translate to practice.


In my new position, a lot was coming my way at the same time. It was valuable to be able to spar with Carola on various topics, while she kept me sharp by asking critical questions. She helped me stay focused on what is really important to be successful quickly.

I made a successful start in my new role , which gives me a lot of confidence, focus, peace of mind and energy.


I can recommend the program to anyone. No better investment in myself,  I will take it with me for the rest of my career."

Commercial Manager
B2B Service provider 

"I find the First100Days program very valuable since it is both result and people oriented.


Carola helped me to helicopt and set the right priorities in the hectic start-up period of my new role.

It was very enriching that I could spar with her on all the things I encountered.

Carola creates a safe environment and it is very helpful that she understands my context well from her experience. After each session, I left sharpened up and full of new energy.


I also learned to look at what my team needs and what other leadership style is needed to get them engaged. As a result I am now able to lead them more effectively through change.


The program came to me at a perfect time, the start of my new role. Thank you very much!"

Mirjam van Leeuwen,
Transition manager, Defensie

"I know Carola as my former superior and I have positive memories to her: she is warm, personal and has a sincere eye for the people in her team, whilst always leading with a clear vision.


Now, more than 10 years later, I enjoy the coaching by her. I recently started in a new organisation, in a new role and I'm happy to have Carola as sounding board.

Every session gives me new valuable insights.


Carola is a coach with a good dose of empathy and strong communication skills. She masters various coaching techniques,  is empathic, versatile and the coaching sessions are very open and in a positive and pleasant ambiance.  Carola asks me questions that make me think. 


By her years of broad experience and sharp eye, she gets to the core quickly and gives me tools and advices that I always implement the next day at work.

It is so valuable and great to see that, by her coaching, I am not only develop myself, but that I'm also better able to help my team!"

Wendy van Sante
Digital Lead,
Heineken Vietnam

"Ik vond het een zeer leerzaam en inspirerend traject waardoor mijn eerste 100 dagen in mijn nieuwe positie succesvol zijn geworden. Iedere keer keek ik weer uit naar de sessie met Carola. Het programma heeft mij inzichten, energie en kennis gebracht, ik ging vooruit!

De First100days Accelerator maakt haar naam waar. Het werkt ècht als een accelerator: door de sessies kreeg ik alle ‘tools‘ in handen om succesvol te kunnen zijn.

Carola is heel betrokken en brengt haar eigen professionele business- en organisatie-ervaring mee. Ze snapt hoe het werkt en is verre van zweverig. 100 days accelerator brengt een gebalanceerde combinatie van kennis en inzichten op zowel de inhoudelijke- als de menselijke as.

Het programma heeft mijn verwachtingen meer dan overtroffen. Ik adviseer iedereen die in een nieuwe functie start dit programma te doorlopen, het is zo waardevol! Het is altijd spannend om in een nieuw systeem te starten, ongeacht je niveau. Ik geef het programma een 9!”

Wendy van Sante
Digital Lead,
Heineken Vietnam

"I am absolutely grateful for having Carola as my First100Days coach!

She kept me focused and brings a warm personal touch. With the right balance between results versus people and personal leadership.

I enjoyed every single session and while still referring back to the lessons, I will bring the insights I gained with me for the rest of my future career.

I give the program a 9."


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