High Performing Teams

Team development 

Do you recognize these questions?

  • How do I guide my team through a transition?

  • How do I prepare them for new challenges?

  • How do I achieve maximum results under pressure and ensure that everyone remains involved?

  • How do I get international teams work together constructively? How to create trust on a distance?

  • What do I need today in my team to meet the challenges of tomorrow?

  • How do I create a winning team from a group of individuals?

  • How do I keep the spirit in times of budget cuts?

  • There seems to be consensus, but how do I create real commitment in my team?

I often see that if results are lagging behind, management is mainly pushing on responsibilities.

Usually things don't get better and everyone starts saving their own "skin".

This often even increases an island culture.


My approach

Every transition is different and that is why my approach is always tailor-made, personal, practical and result-oriented.

Every step towards better results starts with a better self-understanding by your team.

I believe in the power of enhancing personal qualities and utilizing differences.  I often work with RealDrives to get these team insights. 


Delivering top results is only possible if there is a high performing team.

To build such a team, I like to work with the Lencioni team model:

This makes clear in which phase a group is in and which bumps must be taken.

And also what this means for you as a leader.


Whatever stage your team is in, results will only come if there is sufficient basis for trust.

From there, teams develop the ability to deal with conflicts in a constructive way. From here, real ownership and responsibility are created and people will pro-actively address each other on their responsibilities. This is the foundation for excellent results.

What is in it for you? You'll get ...

  • An inspiring team-mission

  • A team that operates as a single entity, daring to use each other's qualities and daring to ask for help

  • A team that takes decisions and supports decisions

  • A team that addresses each other on responsibilities

  • Better results, more energy and job satisfaction

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