I have worked with RealDrives in the teams I worked with myself in the past. 

I have seen fantastic results when making individual drives, team culture and behavior transparent and open for discussion.

This is the reason I am now RealDrives accredited myself and use this regularly successfully with other teams.


What could RealDrives help you with?


  • Making cultural patterns transparent and open for discussion

  • Improve mutual cooperation within and between teams

  • Better understand how to best motivate different people

  • Make communication in and with your team more effective

  • Understand why team members do what they do (or don't)

  • Make the organization function better

  • Further professionalize your own leadership


Every team is different.

This tool makes clear how you could best manage the individual team members, and where the pitfalls and blind spots of the team are.

Even perfectly composed teams can get stuck in ineffective patterns.

Understanding these types of patterns is crucial for those in charge to make the team more effective.



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